“Stairway To Love” live streaming concert Saturday 31 October, 08:30 pm (CET)!

Hello everyone! 

First I want to thank all those who decided to pre-order my new album simply on the basis of those short promo that I released on my social channels. This allowed me at least in the early hours of the first day and a half to rank first in the Amazon Music Jazz category.

So this is a great achievement for a small artist like me. On the other hand I’m sorry to be obliged to communicate through this video instead of presenting this album live due to the progressive tightening of the containment measures against CoViD-19 that have occurred. 

So since this possibility slowly faded until it went out completely,I had to think of an alternative solution because in any case on 31 October it will be re-released and therefore I’d like to celebrate it worthily. That’s why I thought of dedicating you a live home concert that I’ll try to make usable in the best possible way especially for what concerns the audio, hoping that the compressions of social networks are not too bad. Therefore on Saturday 31st October on my Facebook page there will be a live broadcast starting at 08:30 pm (CET), obviously I’ll wait for all of you to connect and as soon as we are a suitable number we will start. 

I will play the songs from the album explaining you the origins of my inspiration, what is the story behind each of these songs because, as I told you, some of them date back to 2015 and then progressively up to 2020. 

Obviously it will be possible to interact with me live thanks to the direct Facebook so I recommend you to SAVE THIS LINK for the live to allow you to book yourself in such a way that when the video goes live, you will receive a notification of the starting point of the concert. I thank you again and I spur you to continue, as far as possible, to pre-order and to spread the word about “Stairway To Love”, this new album of mine.

I’m waiting for you on Saturday 31 October from 08:30 pm (CET) on my Facebook page. Stay tuned!


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