My Heart Leaps Up

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© Massimo Concordia

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Released on 18th December 2015
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Fabio Prota (piano, synth)
Claudio Cassano (drums)
Roberto Inciardi (double bass)

We dared to bother William Wordsworth to find a title that could effectively give the idea of the way we perceive, work out and propose our music. Although each of us possesses a unique sound background, since when we met in the rehearsal room to play, we shared the same sensation: our heart was jumping for joy (My Heart Leaps Up). The natural consequence of this emotional synchronism was the development of a spontaneous overflow of our musical identities in the search for a common sound. Now it’s up to the listener to establish whether we were able to grasp the thought of the great Dave Brubeck, who said that “jazz stands for freedom. It’s supposed to be the voice of freedom: get out there and improvise, and take chances, and don’t be a perfectionist; leave that to the classical musicians.”

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Bolognini between 31 October and 18 November 2015 at Medibo Recording, Bari – Italy
All the tracks are original compositions by Fabio Prota and Roberto Inciardi but for the n. 3 (by Miles Davis)

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