Artwork and graphics © Arianna Operamolla
Artwork and graphics by Arianna Operamolla

© Think Tank
Released on 11th May 2017
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Lino Paglionico (vocals)
Fabio Prota (keyboards)
Gennaro Piepoli 
(guitar, vocals)
Davide Vacca (bass)
Gese Marsico (drums)

Recorded by Gese Marsico at Studio Reverse (Bari, Italy). Mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Bolognini at MAST Recording Studio (Bari, Italy). Produced by Think Tank.

All music are written by G. Marsico, L. Paglionico, G. Piepoli, F. Prota, D. Vacca.
Lyrics by L. PaglionicoG. Piepoli.